Moissanite: The Question of Quality

moissanite cape town

Moissanite is the top ethically sourced alternative to diamonds. The appeal lies in the astoundingly diamond like appearance and affordability. It boasts a hardness of 9.25 on the Mohs’ Scale of Hardness; second only to diamond. Moissanites are near colourless and eye clean… Or are they?

That depends on the quality of the moissanite. Yes, not all moissanite are equal in quality. “Cheap” moissanite are becoming increasingly prevalent in the market and they are very much inferior to good quality stones; often, in fact usually, containing visible inclusions, lacking dispersion, brilliance and fire, being unattractive in colour and even having poor cuts.

Two major negative effects of this are that it tarnishes the impression of moissanite and makes reasonably, market related priced stones seem overpriced.

Studio 1980 ZA only supplies Evermore Moissanites. All stones are near colourless and eye clean and moissanites 5mm (0.50ct diamond equivalent) and larger are engraved with a unique serial number and are accompanied by a warrantee and E.G.L. certificate. It would require a trained professional with laboratory equipment to identify them as moissanite as opposed to diamond.

At a fraction of the price of diamonds, entirely conflict free and scratch resistant, you cannot go wrong with your Evermore Moissanite selection for your engagement ring or special piece.