Studio 1980 by Ryno Marais is a brand of fine jewellery with a definite contemporary feel. Marais, with more than 20 years experience in the jewellery business and an E.G.L. diploma in diamonds and diamond grading, is passionately focused on delivering superior service and a product to match this ethic.

Studio 1980 offers clients bespoke design and outstanding quality and is also available for custom assignments and special orders. The brand proffers knowledge, passion, enthusiasm, integrity, as well as uncompromising standards and superlative customer service.

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Jewellery care & maintenance

Even the highest quality jewellery, expertly crafted, is still delicate. All precious metals are relatively soft and are subject to wear and tear. Here are some guidelines to help achieve maximum lifespan of your jewellery:

1. Remove your jewellery at home.
During your day to day life at home; cooking, cleaning, relaxing, there is very little need to show your jewellery, but it’s where you pick up a large part of wear and tear. Get into the habit of having a safe place to store your jewellery when you get home and take it off. Besides the issue of wear, it also adds to the hygienic cleanliness of items. READ MORE...


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