Moissanite: The Question of Quality

Moissanite is the top ethically sourced alternative to diamonds. The appeal lies in the astoundingly diamond like appearance and affordability. It boasts a hardness of 9.25 on the Mohs’ Scale of Hardness; second only to diamond. Moissanites are near colourless and eye clean… Or are they? That depends on the quality of the moissanite. Yes, …

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Why Studio 1980 ZA? Pt.1

Quality Award-winning original designs offered by Studio 1980 are locally manufactured according to the highest standards, ensuring quality workmanship and utmost durability. After all, we believe that quality equals durability. Our shank thickness of our rings is approximately 60% thicker than the industry standard and settings are optimised to handle daily wear. All jewellery pieces …

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Six Rings Design Competition

The Six Rings Design Competition, hosted by Metcon, was part of their vision to promote sustainability in the South African jewellery industry. Neville Crosse delivered an inspiring speech on the topic which hinted at the value of community within the industry. It’s a tremendous honour for Studio 1980 ZA to have our original Elegantly Refined …

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Insuring Your Jewellery

Jewellery is valuable to us for many reasons. Including the obvious monetary value and the tremendous sentimental and emotional connections we develop for our pieces. In the unfortunate event of loss, at least we can cover one of those. I’m a firm believer in decent and comprehensive insurance. When I decided to write this blog, …

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Jewellery Care & Maintenance

Even the highest quality, expertly crafted jewellery is still delicate. All precious metals are relatively soft and are subject to wear and tear. Here are some guidelines to help you achieve the maximum lifespan of your jewellery: Remove your jewellery at home. During your day-to-day life at home; cooking, cleaning and relaxing, there is very …

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Rhodium Plating

The origin of whichever tone or quality of gold you select, is fine gold. Which in essence is yellow in colour. The various tones like the most commonly used white, yellow or rose are determined by the type and quantity of alloy used. Rhodium is a naturally white, rare and very hard metal in the …

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