Studio 1980 offers you a wide range of pieces which can be customized to your desires in the Shop and Original Design. The tone and karat of the metals as well as types and sizes of stones can be requested according to your needs.

In the Shop you can find all available options for each item, but Original Design offers you personal attention and any specifications and alterations within our capability will be accommodated.

Original Designs offered by Studio 1980 are locally manufactured according to only the highest standards to ensure unmatched workmanship and utmost durability. Once you click on the email link on any of these items, the specifications thereof will be discussed with you and you will have the opportunity to submit your requirements relevant to the desired materials and your budget.

Gemstones and diamonds are sourced only from reliable and reputable supplies who adhere to the Kimberly Process. In addition to this, Studio 1980 is a proud member of the Jewellery Council of South Africa and passionately comply with all the establishment’s requirements.

Beyond the available ranges, Studio 1980 welcomes bespoke orders and even remodelling. Whether you have a unique design from your own imagination in mind, or wish to remodel something precious, we are ready to compliment your creativity.