Why Studio 1980 ZA? Pt.1


Award-winning original designs offered by Studio 1980 are locally manufactured according to the highest standards, ensuring quality workmanship and utmost durability. After all, we believe that quality equals durability.

Our shank thickness of our rings is approximately 60% thicker than the industry standard and settings are optimised to handle daily wear. All jewellery pieces are subject to extreme quality control procedures passing through the hands of three professionals before it gets to you. With a reasonable amount of care and maintenance, your original design can last you a lifetime.


Our bespoke jewellery is produced and finished by reputable experts. We tested various factories across South Africa until we found the two who live up to our expectations and standards. Platinum is printed and casted in Johannesburg while gold and sterling silver gets produced in Cape Town. The nurturing of tight bonds with these two factories is of paramount importance and clean channels of communication leads to the perfect realisation of every design and concept.

Diamond Grading

Having obtained a diploma in diamonds and diamond grading in 2006, I inspect every diamond considered for sale. This allows me to comment and advise above just simply reading the specifications of the stone. When we consider the specific and diverse requirements of each client, the highest spec stone might not be the right one for you. Studio 1980 ZA also has strict quality requirements for the stones we sell and avoid high risk or poorly finished stones. For example, we will not sell a stone if an inclusion reaches the surface or the girdle thereof, or if the symmetry is not to satisfaction.  


Stones are hand-set by a qualified diamond setter, in the Helderberg, who is highly regarded across the industry. Having worked with many different setters over the last 22 years, I found his workmanship, ethic and abilities unmatched. Dawid got his diploma in jewellery design and manufacturing in 2000 and started making use of a microscope and pneumatic tools in 2012. The equipment doesn’t make the setter, but in the hands of this expert, precision equipment is utilised to its fullest potential.

Regards & Blessings

Ryno Marais

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